“These Simple Fill-in-the-Blank Facebook Ad Templates Will Get People Sending You Direct Messages Asking About Your Services within 24 Hours!” 

PLUS get a step-by-step
video breakdown + checklist to launch your ad FAST –
and get new customers sending you DM’s TODAY!


  • Nobody ever comes to my website to request quotes — even though I’ve been spending countless hours on SEO and setting up my ‘Google My Business’

  • Marketing my business offline is taking way too much of my time and money (and it’s not even working)

  • Organic online content is too slow and I NEED LEADS NOW (PLUS it feels like a second job keeping up with all the daily posts) 

  • I just can’t compete with the larger companies out there with bigger marketing budgets 

  • I want new customers RIGHT NOW (I don’t want to wait!)

What You Need Is an Immediate Injection of Prospects Direct Messaging Practically Begging You to Sell Your Services to Them!

Full Price $127

Sale Price: $37

What if I told you that you could fill in a few blanks on my Done-for-You Facebook Ad Templates and launch an ad that gets in front of your potential customers as soon as TODAY!

And we’ll show you how to set up your ad in a way that won’t ever cost you money that you don’t want to spend. 

Because you’ll be getting a solid return-on-investment on these ads. 

In fact, you’ll likely want to spend MORE money to get even more new leads and customers DM’ing you every single day!

Once you get this set up and running (I’ll show you how in a quick 20 minute video) the only extra work you’ll have to do is ANSWER the DM’s and service all your new clients. 

That’s it. 

No making posts on Facebook and Instagram that nobody sees 

No SEO headaches

No recording videos 

No blog posts that nobody reads 

And no more offline marketing (fliers, door hangers, door to door, etc) that cost tons of money and doesn’t work anyway.

Here’s what you can get in your hands within the next 5-minutes…

  • 3 Proven Fill in the Blank Ad Templates to get new leads and customers sending you DM’s… asking YOU for your services including attention grabbing images! 

  • A Step-by-Step 20 Minute Instructional Video to help you get your ad launched TODAY! 

  • A Cheat-Sheet PDF Checklist to keep next to you as you do it (and for everytime you want to launch more ads for new leads and customers!)

  • BONUS - A FREE 15-Minute Call with One of Our Ad Specialists to ensure that your ad is set up optimally to pull in 3 to 5 new customers weekly! (You can schedule this once you get access!

If you're ready to get new leads and customers coming to you about your services, these Facebook Ad Templates are what you need right now.

Here's why

  • They’re Proven to Work – These templates are designed based on ads that have already proven successful. With images proven to grab your potential customer’s attention. No guesswork needed. These are written by professional copywriters and have led to real, measurable results. 

  • You’ll Save Time and Money – No need to spend hours trying to come up with the perfect ad copy or design. These fill-in-the-blank templates makes creating your ads simple, fast, and effective! 

    Plus, with the step-by-step video guide and cheat sheet checklist, you can launch your ads as soon as today. 

  • A High-Return on Your Ad Spend – You’ll see that every dollar spent on these ads brings in a concrete return. We’ll show you how to set up and target your ad so that ad spend is minimal, but lead conversion is high. 

  • New Leads Direct Messaging YOU – Isn’t it better having potential customers reaching out to you directly, asking about your services?  These templates are specifically designed to get people taking  immediate action… leading to direct messages from interested prospects, with little “selling” needed! 

Get Your Hands on These Facebook Ad Templates TODAY – and Get New Leads Contacting You TODAY!

One Time Payment of $37 (Normally $127)